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Why BiggStock?


Why choose Bigg Stock as your business solution?

For optimal inventory management processes, you need robust functionality for managing your logistics facilities.

For increasing profits in your business one needs to reduce efforts and costs on stocktaking, transportation tracking, order fulfillment and other logistic task – while improving customer service. Biggstock provides total control on your inventory and therefore increase concentration on sales and customer service.

Straight benefits of Biggstock solution includes improved cash flow, visibility, and decision making.

What Makes Bigg Stock solution the best?

  • Straight benefits:
    • Low cost investment
    • E-commerce store
    • 24 x 7 store
    • Corporate website
    • Branding of your jewelry on global front
  • Products Selling tools for increased sales win closure rates

    Our below Customer Research tools help to increase sales win closure rates:

    • Reports of customer like his Wishlist, his see it list, his demands
    • Reports of Customer login
    • Likes and Dislikes of customer choices
  • Dashboard summary, Reminders, Alerts

    Automated dashboard summary, reminders, tasks and alerts helps increase sales opportunity advancement.
    The following tools helps furnish Customer Service & also works as effective marketing tools:

    • Admin dashboard
    • Emailing Clients on status of Orders
    • Mailing the diamond list as per clients demands
    • Reminder mails of payment
    • Mass mailing to clients
  • Automated sales pipeline and forecast with predictive reporting for more accurate sales projections

    Payment Processing & Tracking

    • Easy & details reports will allow you to track upcoming or pending payments.

    Sales & Reports

    • Plenty of reports for sales & marketing teams
  • Cut back on Inventory Management efforts
    • Less hectic to manage stock (what stock is there and what is not
      there in stock)
    • Less client demands to remember to reply
    • No need to remember re-ordering stocks
  • Faster Turn Around
    • Queries, Demands, Offers , Orders are accessible and can be
      responded anytime and from anywhere.
    • Clients in different time zone can access the stock anytime and can be replied
      anytime (24/7 service)
  • Brand building & Corporate presence
    • Innovative display of your product to leave a signature
      on your clients
    • Our 3D technology will help you build your brand
    • We will help choose you a unique logo which will signify
      your business
    • We help choosing you a impact website which will help build
      your brand
  • Increase in efficiency
    • The above advantages will help increase inefficiency and no-clutter in office
    • Reduction of human error
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