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To be competitive in today’s market you need to reduce the costs of goods sold to your customers. To meet this challenge you might have to lower costs on your purchases and other procured products. This can be achieved only if you have identified your best vendors, best brokers & best customers. We help you do just that!

  1. Pending Payments
  2. Pending Receivables
  3. Profit / Loss Reports
  4. Best Customer by Sale
  5. Best Customer by Profit
  6. Best Vendor by Profit
  7. Best Vendor by Purchase
  8. Best Broker by Profit
  9. Best Broker by Sale
  10. Automatic Brokerage calculation as per Brokerage Slabs
  11. Benefits:

    With SCM-Partners, you can gain these benefits:

    • Track performance of your suppliers, brokers, vendors and enhance your profit levels.
    • Significantly decrease the loss making partners and develop partners into successful collaborations.
    • Improve communications and reduces errors and processing costs
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