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Why Jewel Pro

Are you searching for a WordPress Jewelry store, Magento Jewelry store, Joomla Jewelry store or a Jewelry store based on an Open Source CMS ? Then you are at a better place.

Jewel Pro is the best e-commerce platform for jewelry retailers, whether you are creating your jewelry, stones or gems or diamond store. Jewel Pro will equip your jewelry store with the most advanced e-commerce features that are exclusive only for jewelry retailers. Here we see how you can boost your jewelry store with the help of Jewel Pro.

Why choose Jewel Pro : Jewel Pro is a complete featured shopping cart that provides a lot of exclusive functions needed for Jewelry stores which other shopping cart softwares do not provide. The following features make Jewel Pro a far better choice than rest of the shopping carts:

Website Store:

  • Design Your Own Ring
  • View HD Jewelry Videos
  • Shopping Cart
  • Online Diamond Inventory
  • Diamond Shopping Cart
  • Slider search for Diamond Inventory
  • Images with Zoom capabilities


  • Product Management
  • Category Management
  • Metal Settings, Diamond, Size / Length configuration
  • Content Management
  • Upload images, videos of Jewelry

And many more…

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