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Dia-M* PRO (Diamond Manufacturing Software for all types of Diamond Manufacturers)


Dia-M* PRO 1.0 – Ideal for small and big Diamond Manufacturers.
Dia-M* PRO 1.0 is a Diamond Manufacturing Software solution that allows you to manage each & every small activity of your diamond manufacturing process. The core modules include managing information regarding Rough Imports, Rough Planning, Consignments & Stage-wise management, Lot splitting & many more. It also allows you to calculate your total profits on your stones after taking into account various expenses like labour costs, certification, purchase costs, import expenses, etc.
Dia-M* PRO is a complete diamond manufacturing erp system that enables you to track each and every stone. Being an online web-based system, it allows you to track your inventory from anywhere in the world. This enables you to take the decisions at the right time since you can monitor your inventory 24 / 7.
You can see the profit made on every stone at any time, thus allowing you to identify loopholes in your manufacturing cycle & fix them.

Browser-based. No requirement to install or maintain new hardware or software
User friendly – easy to learn and use

Who’s using Dia-M* PRO 1.0?

All types of Diamond Manufacturers, small & big. Why? Take a look!
Important features of Dia-M* PRO 1.0 include:

  • Rough Purchase / Import
  • Consignment
  • Rough Assortment / Planning
  • Creating Lots & Sub-lots
  • Certification / Grading
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Issue to multiple factories / karigars

Other features include:

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    Advanced Plugins

    Allow customers to Split Stones prior to assigning to manufacturing, track KP for each stone, publish stones.

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    View Reports

    Pending Payment, Pending Receivables, Balance sheet, Profit / Loss Reports, etc.

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    Advanced Search Screen

    Search for diamonds based on Shape, Size, Color, Clarity, Cut, Polish, Symmetry, Lab, Flourescence, Lot Number, Location. Display of photographs of grading/appraisal certificates

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    Download, Print Stock

    Download stock in Excel format, Print search results

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    Restricted Access, only logged-in customers can search the stock

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    Relevant Data

    GIA, EGL, IGI, HRD, AGS, IGC and other lab integration, Traditional colors (D-V), Unlimited Inventory uploads, Unlimited Customers

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    Site Administration

    Manage your stock, Manage your customers, Mass Upload

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